What do the Istanbul protesters think? First survey

From Nigar Göksel (ESI):

Finally a survey giving a sense of who is on the streets protesting  – by Bilgi Univ – after talking to 3000):

70 percent do not identify with any political party. pro-freedom (ozgurlukcu) is the label the highest number of respondents say defines them. only 7.7 percent say a political movement they are affiliated with encouraged them to join the protests.

The three reasons most selected as an explanation of why they are joining the protests are:

1) The auhoritarian disposition/manner of the prime minister (92.4%),

2) That democratic rights are violated (91.2%),

3) The unproportional force applied by police against protestors (91.3%).

75% say they are not conservative. less than 10% say they would want military intervention. so, what do they want: 96.1 percent say they want more respect for freedoms in the future. 

So, Nigar says, those who want to use their familiar parameters to categorize these people should think again. I agree.


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