Sabah changes its owner

Sabah daily, which was purchased in 2008, by Çalık Group, is now sold to Kalyon Group.

As reported by New York Times, the media squeeze tightens:

In another move familiar to Turks in times of crisis, an influential journalist who had been critical of the government has lost her job. Nazli Ilicak, a veteran journalist, was fired from the pro-government newspaper Sabah after she called on government ministers involved in the inquiry to give up their posts.

Turkey has frequently been criticized globally for its crackdown on the news media, and this week, for the second year in a row, the Committee to Protect Journalists identified the country as the No. 1 jailer of journalists. Last summer, during sweeping antigovernment protests that began as opposition to an urban development project in Istanbul, dozens of journalists lost their jobs.

And in a business deal that was long in the works, but that nevertheless underscored the close relations between Mr. Erdogan and powerful media and construction bosses, Sabah was sold Friday by one construction company with ties to the prime minister to another.

The newspaper had been owned by a company whose chief executive is Mr. Erdogan’s son-in-law, and on Friday it was sold to Kalyon Insaat, another company that has close links to the governing party and that is behind several development projects in Istanbul.’